Our Story...  amended from the February 1997 Issue or Mississippi Builder/Architect.

Building a Reputation - Triangle Drywall Company

Celebrating almost 30 years of service in the Golden Triangle area, Triangle Drywall Company of Starkville, MS has grown and expanded it's business as a major partner in the residential and commercial building industry.  Supplying quality drywall applications continues to be a priority for the company.It also provides insulation, metal stud, acoustical ceilings, and has become the leader in professional vinyl siding application.  

Charles Morgan, Founder of Triangle Drywall, once stated, "Quality service is our main concern.  We are not interested in getting a job at any price.  We provide top quality products from trained workmen.  We don't do cheap work; we do quality work."

The business has since passed into the hands of Mr. Charles' sons Jeff and Jamie Morgan.  who continue to expand the number of crews and to demand excellence in the products used and their application.  Jeff serves as the overall manager of the company and Jamie oversees the drywall operations.  the company offers free estimates and free consultations for those who may not know what they need.

Located on Old Highway 82 (MS Hwy 182) between Starkville and Columbus, Triangle Drywall is well situated near the four-lane Highway 82 to access neighboring cities and some farther away.  Charles began the business in 1977 with drywall and expanded to insulation in 1985, and adding vinyl siding in 1990.  triangle Drywall rarely sees a slow down in business, giving their building crews a steady schedule of work.  Before an employee or work crew is sent to perform a job, extensive training must be completed.  The Morgans provide the instruction so that they know their employees have a full understanding of the processes necessary to deliver quality workmanship.

Triangle Drywall uses Owens Corning Insulation products, Variform and Certainteed Vinyl Siding, and Gold Bond, Georgia Pacific, and Lafarge drywall.  "We guarantee everything we do and our suppliers stand behind their products," stated Morgan.


Vinyl Siding Operation 

Jeff Morgan noted that when he first saw a home trimmed in vinyl siding, he thought "Vinyl siding would be good - if it were put on right, it would be good." So began his interest in this building product.  He began putting the siding on houses himself.  in the process, Morgan has helped teach others in the area the wonderful benefits of vinyl siding.  

Hardy Tingle, a professor in drafting at Mississippi State University, admits that he was skeptical of vinyl siding at first.  He had drawn plans for his personal home and wanted the exterior to look like an old country home.  "We have this misconception about vinyl siding.  We see it in the same category as mobile homes."

Continuing on his decision to use Triangle Drywall to put vinyl siding on his home, Tingle added, " Since I wanted the house to look like an old home, I did not want to use brick.  Jeff showed me several home he had done and I saw the benefits.  Many upscale homes use it for siding, and under eaves and soffit.  Even brick homes combine vinyl for low maintenance now." 


Drywall Operation

The drywall operation is celebrating 28 years of service and continues to be the company of choice of a number of builders and architects.  Roger A. Pryor, AIA, Pryor & Morrow Architects, commented, "Triangle Drywall of Starkville has done excellent quality work on a variety of projects by Pryor & Morrow."


For more information or estimates, call Triangle Drywall at (662)323-0831